About us

About us

FundingCubes is a digital platform started with an objective to help organisations, people, institutions and other charitable organisations to raise funds for their cause/s. 

The platform is user friendly and helps both the donor and done to connect and interact with each other by helping them and make their dreams come true. The money raised is used to fulfill the desired goal and ultimately to benefit the recipient. Funding Cubes is tasked to gather financial contributions from multiple sources and for various needs and this is implemented keeping in mind the moral ethics and values the company abides by. The money is raised for causes in creative and engaging ways.

Non Profit Organisations can depend on  FundingCubes to collect money for situations that are uncertain and untimely. They can also seek assistance to raise donations for causes such as : 

  • Child rights
  • Poverty
  • Social Injustice
  • Environment Conservation
  • Human Rights
  • Care for elderly people
  • Women Empowerment
  • Wildlife Conservation etc.

The team is focused on ensuring that the cause and the  concerns are addressed clearly so that the action is taken in the most effective and efficient manner. The aim will remain to guide and support the ones in need for a better and healthy livelihood  across the world.

Campaigns and methods are adopted to create maximum awareness about the cause . The methodology is adopted in the way that is best suited for the cause. Fundingcubes is a very seemless and transperant platform which discloses as much information  as possible about the donor, donee and the cause. The approach is professional and the strategies are conducted ethically defining the guidelines clearly.

FundingCubes respects the dignity, worth, equality, diversity and privacy of all persons and fulfills the objective with complete ownership and responsibility. The motto remains the welfare of individuals and people working in various orgnaisations who are dependent on them for help. The purpose of their existence is achieved when the interactions on this digital platform start taking place and the donations reach to those who are in great need.