Advantages Of Virtual Fundraising And Essential Things To Consider For Hosting A Successful Event


Understanding online fundraising campaign

With the rise in digital platforms, everything is moving online. Further, with the pandemic hitting the world, fundraisers have started to host online fundraising campaigns so that they can raise the required amount without any trouble. It is simply a way for nonprofit organizations to raise money and get support through the internet. With solid strategies and the right tools, fundraisers can reach global audiences in just minutes. 

Easy steps to collect donations online

By organizing an online fundraising campaign, you can save much of your time, energy, and money. Everyone has the basic knowledge about digital platforms, and just a bit more digging will help you host a successful campaign and raise sufficient money for the cause. Just follow these steps and get started with your donations online.

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the online fundraising campaign
  • Set your budget and campaign goal
  • Build your online fundraising toolkit
  • Gather the right and skilled team
  • Promote fundraiser through virtual platforms
  • Launch the fundraiser campaign
  • End your virtual campaign or event
  • Evaluate your fundraising performance

Unignorable advantages of virtual fundraising

  • Maximize donations through virtual fundraising

Virtual events do not require the same level of investment as compared to in-person events. One of the enormous benefits is that people can immediately donate to your fund. Hence, it reduces the chance of people intending to give but then forgetting to mail the check or logging in to pay. Also, the money raised goes straight to the organization.

  • Helps global audience to participate

Virtual fundraising helps in attracting the attention of a global audience. When you share your story and the reason for fundraising through virtual platforms, you can easily invite people from over the world to donate for the cause. Due to ease of payment and without leaving the place, they will be happy to contribute.

  • Virtual fundraising events are not impacted by weather

When you plan to host an event for your fundraising, the chances of it being affected by weather are unpredictable. Heavy rain, snow, or excessive heat may prevent more people from participating in your event. Therefore, chances of raising high funds get low. With virtual fundraising, there are no chances of it being affected by the weather. 

  • Creative content creation

With virtual fundraising, you can create content to engage the audience for your upcoming fundraising events. By recording your virtual fundraising event, you can use it for future promotion or talk about how the event went across various platforms. It will help you promote your organization and engage the audience from across the globe.

  • Virtual events are accessible for all

Virtual fundraising events eliminate physical, geographical, or socioeconomic obstacles for all. Whether it's people with disabilities, lack of child care, unable to travel for in-person events, everyone can participate in your fundraising event with zero problems. 

4 things to consider for hosting virtual fundraising campaigns

  1. The donation form should be simple and short. We recommend asking for the information that is crucial for you to know.
  2. By providing the donors with automatic recurring donation options, you can make it easy for the donors to pay regularly without going through the additional hassle. With recurring donation options, the donors won't have to remember giving every month or year (everything will be automated for them). 
  3. Provide multiple ways for the donors to donate. Not everyone is interested in donating money; some people may want to donate other items such as food, clothes, medicines, etc. Make sure that your campaign includes such options as well.
  4. Whether you have your own fundraising website or you use any other Free Fundraising Platform, always ensure that it is mobile optimized so that the donors can donate online right from their mobile phones.