Best ways to get donations online


Are you struggling to raise money during the global pandemic? As connecting with offline donors is a big challenge these days, individuals and nonprofit organizations are moving to the online options to reach a much broader online audience and raise money for their causes. If you also want to see massive results, we highly recommend you organize a result-driven fundraising campaign online.

An online campaign will help you reap benefits in the least amount of time. Digital platforms allow you to reach out to more and more people as soon as you launch your campaign. And for a non-profitable NGO, it is most important to communicate, increase their reach, and have a better online presence. Moreover, people use the internet most of the time, so they prefer to donate online rather than doing it offline as it involves hassle too. In times of the global pandemic, the donors have adopted contactless donations to extend their hands towards the needy.

If you are on a hunt for the best fundraising tactics or a platform that is easy to use, we have got you covered! In this article, we will discuss a few best ways you can incorporate to experience better and quick results. Before stepping into more details, let us go through some interesting online fundraising statistics.

These statistics show the previous year's massive funds were raised by online events organized for donation purposes.

  • In 2020, annual fundraising of more than $10 million increased by 15%, and small organizations received a donation of $1 million, which accelerated by 24.9%.
  • Nonprofit NGOs have overall received approximately 39% more online donation gifts in 2020 than in previous years.

Best ways to organize a fundraiser  

Now that you have understood why online fundraising is getting highly popular, below, we will discuss the effective and efficient ways you can consider while launching your fundraising campaigns. Let's get started!

 #1 Email campaigns

Email can be a powerful tool to use while organizing a campaign to raise money online. Usually, people spend their morning and evening checking their emails. Not only funds, but you can maintain a good relationship with donors and prospects through email campaigns. It can also boost your conversion rate and also helps to capture a lead. Just send a launch mail to your donors and keep them updated with weekly emails.

#2 Facebook Campaigns

As we already know, Facebook has billions of users around the globe. It is a large platform that you would not like to overlook. You can advertise your campaign on Facebook that will be visible in people's feeds. Through your advertising content, you can help others to understand the cause of your fundraising event. Why Facebook? Because it takes only a few minutes for any valuable content to go viral on Facebook. It generally helps expand your reach and chances to receive more funds in less time.

#3 Start your blog

Your blog is a great platform to raise awareness among the people regarding your fundraising campaigns. Usually, people read an article that interests them. So, try to be interactive with your content, add videos, images, and create an infographic. Blogs can also help attract new donors and keep present donors updated about your next steps.

#4 Conducting monthly donations

If your current donor is your permanent donor, then you can ask them to enroll in your monthly program for monthly donations. You only have to ask your donor one time to register for the monthly event/program. As soon as they agree to use their credit card for monthly donations, they will charge automatically afterward.

Through this program, you can expect more stable and reliable cash flow to reach your monthly goals.

#5 Organise an entertainment event

You must have noticed people take part in any entertainment event online for charity donations, especially during the times of coronavirus. So you can prefer hosting an event for people through where you can raise money. Organize either online concerts or any other kind of charity event, which will interest the donors. And if you can do it, we recommend that you organize the event annually, which will allow more and more people to take part.

#6 Consider smaller donations

Studies have also shown that people preferred online donations with the amount below the $200 mark. Small contributions are easy to make without disturbing their everyday expenses. Donors sometimes contribute higher amounts than you have asked. The only thing you should keep in your mind is not to act greedy while asking for donations.

How online donations work

Firstly, you have to set your campaign that will only take a few minutes through any fundraising software or online portal. Usually, a campaign launch is free of cost, so; you don't have to pay any amount to set up your donation campaign. After setting up your campaign, provide enough details regarding it to help the donors understand crucial information about your cause.


There are many ways you can initiate a campaign to raise money online; here, we have only shared the most popular of them. However, if you are looking for a suitable recommendation, we would like to highlight our easy-to-use platform, Fundingcubes. It is a modern digital platform that provides a simple way for individuals, organizations, and groups to raise money online. Whether it's a natural disaster or any personal fundraising campaign, you can create your campaign in a few simple steps. It is the best Fundraising Platform that is extremely user-friendly, where campaign organizers can easily connect with new donors. Don't wait for perfect timing for doing a good deed, instead start your fundraising campaign with today.