Essential Things To Know About Giving Days And Why Are They Important


What is a giving day? 

Giving day is just another form of fundraising or crowdfunding and is intended to raise money for particular causes. The only difference is that a giving day (whether online or offline) is hosted for only 24 hours, where people can participate in Charity Donation activities.

Giving days have been in existence for a long time, but in modern days they have become a crucial part of the fundraising industry. Usually, these events are hosted in particular geographic locations as these are conducted by smaller groups, foundations, educational institutes, hospitals, and more. However, some giving day events are hosted on a national level, thanks to the power of the internet, which has made it possible. 

Theme-based giving days are also popular as they tend to attract more like-minded people who care about particular causes.

GivingTuesday- an example of one of the most popular giving day

#GivingTuesday is among the biggest examples of a 24-hour giving day event. According to Wikipedia, the GivingTuesday movement began back in 2012. In all these years, GivingTuesday has become extremely popular and hence captured the attention of some of the most prominent foundations, such as the Ford Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and more.

When the global pandemic COVID-19 hit the world in 2020, an additional GivingTuesday was hosted, which turned out to be a global giving day and people from 145 countries participated in that. According to, the event managed to raise approximately $500 million in online fundraising in the United States alone.  

Why are Giving Days important for your nonprofit organization?

#1 Raise money for your nonprofit 

As nonprofit organizations need funds continuously for the causes they support, Giving Day offers an excellent opportunity to bring necessary funds in less time. 

#2 Improved visibility and awareness

By hosting Giving Day events, your organization can get the benefits of better visibility and awareness. 

#3 Re-engagement with past donors

Leverage the power of Giving Days to connect with the people who have donated in the past. 

#4 Effortlessly discover and connect with other organizations

Giving Days help you connect with other groups and organizations that are also fighting against the same social issues. The like-minded organizations can have partnerships and product ultimate ideas to solve the everyday challenges together. 

#5 Connect with new donors

Giving Days can encourage a whole lot of supporters for a particular cause. With the proper planning and strategies, you can turn them into your donors.  

Tips for perfect Giving Day events

  • Focus on the strategies that can bring online donors. 
  • Use social media and other platforms to explain how your organization is bringing a change to society. 
  • Take a look at other opportunities to make your event completely virtual such as connecting with volunteers and figuring out what responsibilities can be assigned to them.
  • Post updates on social media. Live streaming is also a valuable option that can help you connect with the community and tell them how your organization is supporting certain causes. 

You can launch your organization’s own Giving Day. It can be weekly, monthly, or annually. There are plenty of fundraising platforms that allow you to Accept Donation Online. If you are in search of an easy-to-use platform, try Fundingcubes. It enables you to launch your campaigns in a few easy steps. This platform is multilingual, so perfect for reaching out to multicultural communities. Give it a try and let us know your opinion!